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    Quote Originally Posted by redruff View Post
    Two year welding degree at your local tech school..getter' done
    I think Redruff is on to something. Welders here make a ton of money. Its Mon-frid work and very low stress compared to teaching or medicine. Trades are nothing to scoff at.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zap View Post
    Become a politician.

    Good pay.
    Good benefits.
    No physical work.
    No accountability.
    I agree, but in order to be successful, you may have to do away with any integrity you might possess and become as self serving as possible.

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    You should be looking at doing internships for your options, it's a great way to learn if something could be a fit.

    You also need to think about what suits you. My degree was in industrial management. I started out as a shift super and worked my way to production manager.....and hated it. I got into industrial sales and it fit. I have been in pharma and now med sales for 8 years and I love it. I just can't stand being in one place all day. Now I cover 2 states so you better like the car....
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    Pharmacist, job security and very good pay. Stay away from the Public sector and stick to the private sector.

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    SALES is where it is at. I left my job in construction and took a job in sales and tripled my annual incom in back to back years. I made 6 years worth of construction wages in 2. Saved a bunch of money and left sales and opened my own business and have not looked back. Everyone I know that has top sales skills is NOT hurting for cash. It takes a certain breed to not hear no....but sales is where high salaries with a lot of free time meet!!!!

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    You also may want to look into a Safety degree, there will always be a need for safety specialists, and the pay is beyond AMAZING! It's not all that hard to deal with either, you get a fatality rarely but it happens, and if your one us who "wants to make a difference every day" it's a great career choice. We try to keep people as safe as we can, and abide by OSHA rules and such. Pm me if you'd like some advice!

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    Safety first - transistion into HS&E, obtain specific certification in either OSHA, IOSH or NEBOSH. Then go to and appy for international employment with 42/42 day rotation - Safety pays

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