Last day success and first double beard


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    Last day success and first double beard

    hit the woods this morning with low expectations. got to the first spot and had one gobbling behind us. tryed to make a move. heard one on the road we were hunting light off and we set up behind a tree. with in 5 minutes of being hunkerd down i saw his head pop up at 10 yards. new right away it was a shooter. half strut, white head. let him take a few more steps and i shot. dropped him in his tracks. ended up being my best bird to date and my first double beard.
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    Congrats man! Great bird!
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    Bartlesville, OK Wishing I was hiking up a mtn lookin for elk!
    Nice bird!

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    You learned....congrats Nick
    Check out Team NB on Youtube or Public Land DIY hunts in Mass

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