Shotguns at discount price in the off season?


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    Shotguns at discount price in the off season?

    I was looking at buying a Benelli Supernova for my turkey gun probably from Academy or Dicks. I have heard that they sell them cheaper in the off season. someone told me June is when they start getting rid of last years inventory but I cant find out any info to see if this is true. wondering if anyone has any info on this? I am located in AL for what it's worth.

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    Dicks does drop prices in the summer from time to time. They usually put the sale in the flier they put out.

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    I own a Vinci. All I can say is when I wanted to buy mine,,,which was in the summer,they were back ordered and there was no inventory in stock in America. I got a great deal because I bought it from a friend who owns the gun store.

    I think you will find the prices don't vary very much in season or out of season. i also do not think there is ever an "inventory blow out" sale because there isn't much inventory. Now if they introduce a new gun this makes the old gun yesterdays news,so then I could see a price reduction.

    BTW,,,I paid $1225 for a Max 4 Vinci. Best shotgun I have owned for hunting.
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    thanks for all the info. i still have to sell my mossberg 835 before i can buy it

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