Anyone ever build their own ladder stand?


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    Anyone ever build their own ladder stand?

    I've been thinking of building a box ladder stand out of 4x4 legs with a box on top.

    Anyone ever do this? I've built a few tower stands, but never a ladder stand that leans against a tree. Just wondering how easy it is to do and if anyone has any pointers or plans they could share.


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    I did and it was too heavy . I got old now and just use $60 ladder stands . Cost of treated 4 x 4 's
    was pricey too.
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    I've built a few . There are a 100 ways to do it. but one thing I like to do on all of them is make sturdy vertical supports that come up from the platform and use a chain and binder to hold it solid where these vertical supports contact the tree. This is way better than only having just a "V" shape cut in the platform be the only place the stand contacts the tree.

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    We used to make them back in the day. Made from steel tube and from alum

    But now we can buy stands so cheap at end of the season it doesn't pay
    Plus materials have gone up

    I bought 2 steel hang on (granted they are big dog stands not toP of line but for multiple sets who cares) for $25 each at meijers plus used meijers bucks got even more off

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