Any good shops in South East VA?


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    Any good shops in South East VA?

    Hi all who read this. I used to live near Newport News and would take my bow to Bass Pro Shops/Outdoor World for tuning about 6 years ago. Now I live in Chesapeake and I can't seem to find a shop in this city? I don't have a way to get to Newport News or VB currently. Does anyone know of a shop around Chesapeake, or maybe even just someone with a press that knows their compound bows and can tune them?

    I found a listing for Great Bridge Archery, but it says "Business no longer available".. So I am assuming that it is no longer operating. Doan website is all about recurves i think. These were all I could find in Chesapeake.

    So does anyone know of any place/person, or is Bass Pro Shops it? Thanks in advance!

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    Doan's is a Martin dealer and has a press he will work on most things Ive taken my stuff to him for years great guy.

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