finally last day of school tomorrow


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    finally last day of school tomorrow

    well tomorrow is my last day of my junior year my summer plans will consist of swimming,working.riding four wheelers,staying up late,going to the beach,shooting bow,etc. Lets here your summer plans!

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    work, work, trying to find a new job, shooting bows, kayaking, fishing, skateboarding, concerts, playing music and trying to get a band together, trying to find a new job lol.
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    Oh to be young and care free again.

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    lol thats thats how its done, a couple of my buddies are kicking off our summer tomorrow by riding four wheelers right after our half day of school

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    been out since last wendsday
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    grant co arkansas
    I was out the 24th of may

    I've planned on fishin, hog huntin, try to find some good bucks and maybe work a lil lol

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    In the woods, North Dakota
    I was out the 16th of May lol
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    I got out june 5. NDbowhunter, when do you go back to school. Ive never gotten out anywhere near the 16th!
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    Wow. My school year doesn't end until June 15th or something. @n@

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    ive been out since may 18 oh how good it is to be done with high school

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    Quote Originally Posted by arhoythunter View Post
    I was out the 24th of may
    I'm with this guy ^^

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