new here and have a question


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    new here and have a question

    Not trying to advertise i was just wondering if i could get an opinion on a business idea.I have been considering trying to start a pest control company, that specifically targets pest found on large ranches, hunting land and properties of that sort. I would want to mainly target mosquitoes, flys, ticks, red bugs (chiggers) etc..I was just wondering if people would really pay for these services. I think it would be a help on cattle ranches , pay to hunt type game reserves , lease members and land owners in general. So if you could please leave your opinion and would you or anyone be willing to pay for these services. Thanks

    One more things is it a problem to post this in a couple of the sub forums on the site?

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    So are you going to dust the buildings or do you plan to wipe out the insect population over the entire ranch?
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