Lawyers For Ron Paul Sue The Gop


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    Lawyers For Ron Paul Sue The Gop

    This is getting interesting. They plan to later press for RICO violations.

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    ...and yet he still will be a shadow candidate.
    Hidden Content Originally Posted by buckeyboy Hidden Content
    Just wondering.
    why is everone quoting what another AT member said previously, in everone of their posts,,
    The quotes dont apply to all responses..
    Just curious,' dont want anyone to get their panty's in a wad??

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    The man truely is in a eternal state of denial. Would somebody please explain to him that he LOST and quite badly.
    If elections were limited to only smart people we wouldn't be choosing between a criminal and a carnival barker.
    Steelers in 2016!!!!
    Go Nationals!!!

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    Interesting. This could make a real mess of the convention. Not to add gop heads could be seeing some jail time for actions they have done.

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    RICO statutes were specifically written to deal with organized criminal enterprise (ie Organized crime families). I believe that the SCOTUS has ruled that RICO can not be used against corporations, religious groups, political parties, or any other group that does not have direct ties to organized crime "families".

    Threatening to use RICO is a PR stunt. Threatening to use RICO certainly sounds serious but the case won't make it past the first appeal.

    This group of lawyers and grassroots whatevers can sue the GOP (or DNC) for voiting rights violations. All they have to do is prove that the GOP and not certain individuals committed or conspired to commit voter fraud. Individuals have committed voter fraud. They've been arrested, charged, and tried but the penalties are minor or non-existent.

    This group is deliberately confusing the voting rights of "We the People" with the requirements of political party conventions. Assuming that the people of a State voted 60% for candidate A and 40% for candidate B, the delegates do not have a Constitutional right to vote 100% for candidate C. They themselves would be guilty of undermining the will of the people of the GOP/DNC. The party rules are that convention delegates to THAT POLITICAL PARTIES convention vote according to THAT POLITICAL PARTIES rules. At least the first vote must be according to the dictates of the State Party. Different rules apply to subsequent votes.

    IF these people had an actual case against the GOP, they wouldn't need to create a press release or video. The case would be handled thru the court system. The fact that they're trying to drum up media support suggests that must all be sitting down because they don't have a leg to stand on.

    I seriously doubt that Ron Paul himself has anything to do with farce.

    IMHO, of course.

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