1999 Chevy Silverado Z71 Lift?


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    1999 Chevy Silverado Z71 Lift?

    Hey everyone!

    I just bought my first vehicle SOOOO EXCITED!! Anyway, its a 1999 Chevy Silverado 1500 Z71. I wanted a lifted truck, but this one was such a great deal in PERFECT condition I couldn't pass it up, even though it has stock size street tires and no lift at all. Since I am a student, obviously with a very limited budget, I can't afford a suspension lift. But I'd like to do a 3" body lift on it. Can anyone recommend a place to get a body lift kit for cheap that has everything I'm going to need included? Make sure it's for this truck! I've found a couple but they didn't fit this truck. Also, will I be able to do this on my own with the help of a couple friends? None of us have ever done anything like that before lol. Not even close. But I'm sure with enough YouTube and google tutorials I could figure it out... But still... How difficult is it really? For those of you who have done it.

    Thank you TONS in advance everyone!

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    And also if I just crank up the torsion bars a bit before the lift how much will that raise it? Are there any side affects to that?

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    if none of you have done it before or have much experience with this kind of thing dont do it by yourselves. on a side note putting a lift on a truck is probably the biggest waste of money there is when it comes to upgrades it is absolutely not needed.

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    You can crank the torsion bars and probably gain another inch or two. You will need an aligment if you adjust them, and it puts your cv joints and ball joints on a steeper angle causing them to wear out faster.

    As for the body lift, Topguncustomz and Zoneoffroad have decent prices and the kits are pretty complete with good instructions. People have the misconception that bodylifts are easy to install. This is not the case, especially on trucks more than a few years old. I've put three on myself over the years, and they take about as long to install as a suspension lift does. Generally besides the obvious body mounts, you also have to raise the front and back bumper, install a steering extension, install a gas filler extension, do some type of modification to the transmission shift linkage ( if it's an auto trans.) and modify the fan shroud. Keep in mind that to install it you also need to remove parts of the interior and grill to get to the body mounts. It also takes a decent assortment of tools and a couple of jacks.

    I hope i didn't scare you too much LOL, just want you to know what your getting into. You and a couple of buddies could do it in a weekend.

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    Don't lift it yourself. Have a professional do it. There is no point to doing a body lift besides going with bigger tires. It throws off all geometrics of your truck. When you crank up your torsion bars it makes the front end ride rough and you will get a chatter.

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    y not just put a leveling kit on it? i put a 3/1" leveling kit on my 2012 tundra and it's pretty sick looking getting ready to throw some 33" tires on now.

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    Thanks for the info everyone, that's all good info!

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    Actually, I'm also curious. My uncle and I may do it together if I decide to install it. Whats the max body lift I can put on my truck without having to mess with extending stuff and all that jazz? A for sure answer would be nice..but any experience is great. THanks!

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