Dear Martin Friends and Family;

We wanted to share some news of positive changes taking place at Martin Archery. Gail Martin, our founder and elder statesman, has finally decided to cut back his involvement in the company and enjoy some well earned fishing time. To partially fill the gap that Gail will leave, a new CEO and National Sales Manager came on board to strengthen the Martin Archery team. With the addition of these new experienced executives, Martin Archery is moving forward with an aggressive marketing plan and new strategies that will benefit everyone associated with Martin Archery.
Martin Archery’s major focus area for 2013 will be to strengthen the product line for Pro Shops and aggressively partner with them. We will be looking at ways to increase market presence and sales through faster order delivery times as well as continually improving quality control, and better customer service.
Our 2013 line will keep the best of our current models complimented by the introduction of three new bows. We will have the strongest bow lineup Martin Archery has ever produced. Eleven uniquely different models will make up a Pro and Gold series that will surely please the whole cross section current and future Martin customers.
We will keep you updated as these new products are near completion. This is an exciting time for the future of Martin Archery.

Martin Archery