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    Mathews monster

    I have some questions about the monsters from mathews. Ive been shooting a hoyt vector 35 but i cant get it to shoot. i was looking at a monster but i havent got to shoot one and didnt know which one i should shoot. im a 28.5" dl and can shoot up to 65#. idk which one would shoot super fast while still being very forgiving still.Reviews or opinions on a mr series monster are welcomed(good or Bad)

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    I have both a M7 and a MR6 and love them both. I have a 28" draw and both are 60lb bows ( maxed out both are at 63lbs ). The draw on the MR6 is a little smoother. They both hold very well. Both have good walls. The 6" brace height on the MR6 does not bother me at all. If I was to pick one for both 3d and hunting I would get the MR7. More than enough speed and very forgiving. If you are just looking for a 3d bow try shooting the MR6 I think you will like it. Both great bows and would not trade them for anything.

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    I have a couple MR7's great bows they are a lot smoother than the Monster bows .I have had both Monster and MR's the MR's .I have on set up for 3D and the other one for hunting.They do run a little long I shoot 29" draw and both of mine are 28.5" draw and fit like a glove.Shoot all of them if you can I haven't shot the MR6 but I had a monster 6 and a monster 7 .I like the mr7 better.
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    I shoot a M7 and love it! Fastest bow I've ever shot. No torque problem. Great kinetic energy. Agree with the others, it runs long. So take your draw down at least 0.5 inches or you may see that you have a creep issue.
    I had to buy several sets of mods before I got mine right. It just kept being long.

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    I have a Monster 7.0 and an MR6, both great bows. Very smooth, fast, and shoot great. My M7 is the best bow I have and I really like the MR6 as well. Can't go wrong with the Monster series.

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    I just bought a mr6 wow 331 fps with a 28.5" dl at 70#. 65# was around the 300 mark

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    Buy a new one if you purchase one! If you get a good one great! You'll have a shooter. If not your gonna need to have the limbs replaced, switched,flippped to get it to shoot. The draw is long like the others said. If you like to hold hard against the back wall you wont like this bow especially going from your vector which has a great backwall. The monster has the softest back wall of any current bow.

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