Food plot on 55 acres


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    Food plot on 55 acres

    Hey guys kindda new to food plots so I was wondering about the property I hunt. My brother n law and I hunt a small 55 acre peice with about 5 acres of hardwoods that is loaded with some red oaks. It also has a powerline that runs through it. The property is surrounded by corn and soybean fields. I was wondering if a food plot would be beneficial. I know that deer prefer white acorns over red. I was just curious if a food plot was worth my time.
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    If you have an open are big enough to support it then yes, also if you do decide to plant do NOT plant corn and soybeans, deer are like people in they dont want to eat the same thing over and over .
    just my .02

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    Plant some brassicus
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    actually corn and soybeans would be a good thing because the big fields may keep them off your plot until it gets growing good and once the big fields are harvested and yours is still standing then it will give them a place to eat and they will prefer standing beans over a cut field any day of the week

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    Sounds like you already have a great place to put in you food plot. Use the power line! Already cleared for you. We do that at our camp and it works wonders. And the power line company loves us for doing it because they don't have to mow it or spray it anymore.

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