Newbie needs advice as to where to begin with a starter bow!


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    Newbie needs advice as to where to begin with a starter bow!

    Hello everyone

    For a while I've been looking into learning archery simply for target practice. Actually, it's something I've always wanted to learn, but never really had the opportunity.

    I've been looking at recurves and longbows. I'm ambidexterous, so I'd rather have a bow that can shoot from either side (sorry - I'm no where near being fluent in archery terms...yet). One of my colleagues at work who bowhunts brought one of his compounds bows into work, and seemed amazed that I was able to draw back(?) his bow without any difficulty - and he's 6'5". He said that when I'm ready for a bow I could easily use one that is geared for a man.

    The only places around me that have any kind of archery tend to stock only crossbows and compounds, and the small handful of recurves that the local pro shop has are expensive and they do not teach archery at this time. I've been looking at those available online; I'm not sure about what make and type of bow I'll end up with eventually, and am willing to try out a few low-priced ones from different makes.

    I hope that I can get some decent advice as to what are good decent starter bows, what size and poundage might be good for me, etc. I've been going through the archives on this site, and they are filled with priceless information, but I would appreciate some advice as to where simply to begin to start in this sport.

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    Although your hands might be ambi, its very likely that you eyes won't be. So pick a bow that suits your dominant eye.

    Second thing is to get your draw length accurately measured. This is don't with a VERY light bow and a marked arrow. Once you have that they you can establish who specs you need for a bow.

    There are many safe bets for a first bow, but you have to know what will fit you before you begin.


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    WHAT HE Said! Dom. eye is more important than your arm strength, However if you are going to shoot instinctive with both eyes open you could shoot either side,

    My son is left eye dom. started him out instinctive X3 years, then put a sight on and shots went everywhere that how we found out about the left eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandydan View Post
    I would appreciate some advice as to where simply to begin to start in this sport.
    Here are some great links that should help at least get you started.

    First Recurve Bow -

    Neophyte needing help... -

    If you still feel lost after reading through those...ask some specific questions and we'll try to help.


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    You guys are great - I'm going to read through the recommended and probably EVERY newbie/recurve thread there is - I'll take my time researching more about bows, but I'll see if the local bass shop can help me figure out my 'draw length'.

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