simple fast carpet target


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    simple fast carpet target

    I built a target before with wood frame and all thread for the press, and didn't want to deal with all that. So I did this instead.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I cut the area carpet into 12" widths, lined them up end to end, duct taped the ends together and started rolling. Roll away from you while small to keep it tight and, when it's big enough, roll toward you while giving it a shot with your knee every quarter turn. I have ratcheting ties on it now, but I will replace with plastic banding once I get it a little bigger. Works great and took about an hour.

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    That is absolutely awesome!

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    I like it!

    After banding it, you could slide it down into one of those buckets and make it portable :-)

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    Thats what i did too. except i had a old 5 gallon wine pail that i slid it into. makes it an "all weather" target. it has stood up for a year so far and i have not even turned it around yet. when the center get punched in, i drop it a few times on the concrete floor in the basement and it evens out again. i am shooting 60# at 5 yards--if you roll it tight enough you will not get an pass thru's!

    thanks for showing it!

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    Terrific idea!

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