For Sale Fred Bear Epic Extreme


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    Fred Bear Epic Extreme

    I am selling My Fred Bear Epic Extreme.
    2002, 70#, 30" draw.

    Whisker Biscuit
    Limb Savers
    Hard case
    Kwikee Quiver

    G5 Sight $75

    Use marks typical to a 10 year old bow, shot fletchings off arrows last tuesday at 30yds, straight from the case after spending the winter in storage.
    I Killed my first Deer with it last fall and am contemplating keeping it for a carp bow (If I cant sell it) as I have just ordered a new Matthews.

    I am asking $250 for the bow and listed acc, and $325 w /the G5 Optix 5-pin sight (Bought New from Bass Pro Summer 2011 $100)

    Something isnt letting me upload pictures, I will post when I figure it out.

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    OBO of course!

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    Lets try $175 for the bow, $250 including the sight.
    Lets sell this thing!

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    Weight and length adjustable? If so what's the range?

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    I am sorry for the late reply, I dint see a notification that anyone had responded. The weight range is 60#/70#. I need to research the draw length adjustment. I will sell the whole thing for

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    New Price $225

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    New Price $225

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