Q: When are sign-ups?
A: Sign up July 7 through 6:00 PM EST August 7 in the official sign-up thread in the League Play forum.

Q: Does it cost you anything to participate?
A: No.

Q: Should I sign up?
A: In past years some team members felt short-changed by teammates who were not active (they signed up and that was about it). Please make sure you are committed to participating – online and in the field. Many people want to be on a team with others who put in a solid effort in the field and keep up to date online with what is going on with their team. Not everyone needs to be online every day, but we suggest you check in at least once a week initially and later at least every 2 weeks. This contest runs August 10 through 7:00 am EST March 1. Once you are assigned a team and check in with your team prior to August 22, that's it -- they cannot get a substitute or replacement for you.

Q: Who runs this thing?
A: The 2014-15 contest will be run jointly by Beamen123 (Randy) & Midlife Crisis (Tom).

Q: Is this contest for "Fair Chase" hunted deer only?
A: Yes - no high-fence or non-Fair Chase entries are allowed.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of hunters who can participate?
A: No, but it will be limited to an even multiple of 15: only 15 members per team. However, the last few to sign up by the deadline might not be on a full team – but we will attempt to fill it.

Q: How are teams set?
A: Once the sign-ups are closed, teams will be randomly set by a computer program (with an Internet-based random number generator assigning numbers to each hunter) with no hanky-panky to set anyone up with anyone else.

Q: Can winning teams reform the next year to defend their title?
A: Yes - if they want to - starting with the winning team from the 2014-15 season. We did not do this before because we knew that the contests on other sites that allowed this were run by much smarter people than the guys who run this contest. They were better hunters, too – and better looking. Well, now that Randy and Tom have been better educated and had some plastic surgery, we think we can keep up with those other guys - and maybe even do a bit better in the looks department. There is no question that we are now better hunters, so we can make this change with confidence.

Q: When will team lists be posted?
A: Teams will be posted on or before August 9 in the League Play forum (where the contest has been posted in past years). We will start a thread for each team with the first post in each thread being the user names of each team member.

Q: With so many people participating and so many teams, how can I quickly find out which is my team?
A: Shortly (give it 24 hours) after we have posted all individual team threads we will post a sticky thread containing an alphabetized list of member names indicating their team number and a thread containing a blank score sheet listing all teams and members, so everyone doesn't have to go through all the individual team threads to find themselves and their old buddies. If you are looking at the League Play forum thread of members and team numbers as we start to post the team threads, please give us a little time (24 hours) to complete the individual team threads before you start wondering where you are and where your team thread is.

Q: What if I signed up and don’t find my name on a team list?
A: If you cannot find your name on the alphabetized list, it more than likely that you are on a team, and that Midlife Crisis goofed up when copying your AT-member-name into a spreadsheet and clipped off the first or last character (he scrolls over each name to copy it into an Excel spreadsheet– and with 500-800 names to copy and interference from avatars to the copying process, sometimes it is not an easy to get all the characters – and Midlife’s proofreading is less than perfect). If this is the case, send Midlife Crisis a PM asking where you are - he can probably figure it out.

Q: How does my team select a name?
A: Sign in August 9 or soon thereafter on your team thread. Work with your teammates to pick your team name (this can take days or weeks to accomplish) and have one person post the name on the “Team Names for 2012-13 Deer Contest” thread (check the Team Name thread to be sure another team has not already selected your name). The first team claiming a name in the Team Name thread gets it.

Q: Can my team get a substitute for someone who does not check in or participate much?
A: YES, but for a limited time only after sign-ups close. You must check in with your team on or before August 22 - if you do not, your team can request a substitute and you could lose your place on the team. Once teams are set and finalized there will not be any substitution allowed (this would be too much of an administrative headache for our simpleminded administrators who think they have other things in life to do besides moderate this contest) – for ANY reason (member booted off AT; member in hospital for duration of season; member gets brain damage and as a result quits hunting and joins PETA or turns vegan; etc.) – so you are sticking it to your teammates if you come up short in your effort.

Q: What is the goal of this contest?
A: This is supposed to be fun. There are no prizes, other than bragging rights until the next contest.

Q: Can we do some trash talking?
A: While there is some ribbing/heckling that will take place, please do so good naturedly and take it in good humor (communicating in writing, even when people know one another well, can be difficult in determining tone and judging choice of language, so please take care in your sending messages and also receive them in good nature).

Q: How is the contest scored?
A: See the Scoring Thread for all the rules. The rules have pretty much stayed the same since the contest started many years ago. The rationale for scoring of other species besides deer is a bit of a mystery, but it is a legacy we will live with. No other species will be added to the list (or dropped) in order to keep year-to-year scoring comparisons meaningful.

Q: Who wins?
A: The team with the most points scored by its members at the end of the contest. But remember, as hunters we’re all winners here!