Norway Industries Factory Tested & Certified Program


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    Norway Industries Factory Tested & Certified Program

    Norway Industries, maker of the extremely popular Fusion vane, Duravanes, Zeon Fusion, R2 vane, Predator vanes, the revolutionary noise- and vibration-dampening StringTamer, and a host of other useful outdoor products announces the implementation of a Factory Tested & Certified Program for their entire vane line up.
    To further ensure customer satisfaction, Norway Industries has developed the Factory Tested & Certified Program to safeguard every vane they produce will leave the Norway Industries production facilities with the ability to adhere perfectly to your arrow shafts. In order to accomplish this, vanes are randomly selected from various portions of the production lot and then tested for adhesion. Each vane is fletched by hand using several types of CA (Cyanoacrylate) glue of various qualities and ages and allowed to cure before a series of rigorous tests are conducted to analyze the adhesion characteristics. Anything less than 100% adhesion will result in a failed lot. This means that every single Norway Industries' vane product including Duravanes, Fusion, Zeon Fusion, Predator or R2 vane to hit the streets will bind perfectly to arrow shafts and offer the unprecedented arrow flight and time tested bond for which Norway Industries is recognized. Quality control at this level is unprecedented in the archery industry, and the Factory Tested & Certified Program is another reason why so many hardcore archers put their faith Norway Industries' products.

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    Pretty cool!

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    Hopefully this will truly fix (or at least catch and prevent) the major problems that they have been having.

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    I'm glad they recognize they have a huge problem, after several attempts at using there product I gave up on them ! They did replace there bad vanes with a batch that was worst than the first . 3 dozen wraps and 108 vanes. That had to be replaced twice was all I could handle . These were the fusion Zion's vanes ! I hope it goes well with there product but I'm gonna Stick with blazers!

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    Good, that's what bohning has been doing forever.
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    Me - "I watch a lot of hunting shows too."

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    I had trouble with some of their Zeon vanes and emailed to ask about what glue, or glues, I should have been using or avoiding. They asked me for some information about when and where I got the vanes and what glues I had tried, and then sent me two new packages to replace what I had bought. The replacement packages had a gold "Factory Tested and Certified" sticker on the front, which my previous ones did not. Thus far I have not had any issues at all with the new vanes, they all stuck just fine without the major wrinkling or adhesion problems I was having with the old batch. Whatever they changed with the vanes has worked, in my opinion. They have good customer service and definitely took care of me. I only wanted to know if they could recommend a particular brand of glue to use and ended up with good replacement vanes as well.

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    What about the Fusions and Zeon vanes that I already have that won't stick to crap?! I have sent emails with not a single reply so I gave up hope.

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