Bowtech Heartbreaker vs. Bear Homewrecker


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    Bowtech Heartbreaker vs. Bear Homewrecker

    Ive recently been looking for a new bow and I've shot around a lot. I've shot many side by side and realized my two favorites are the Homewrecker and the heartbreaker. I haven't been so lucky to shoot these two side by side. No shop or big box store has sold both bear and bowtech so it's hard to decide which one is ultimately better. If I could get some input from other female archers, that would be great! Guys opinions are important too!! thanks

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    Kendra, my gf, had a Razors Edge she purchased for herself before meeting me. I just gave her a Razzberry Heartbreaker for a gift and she loves it. She draws it great. We have it on 26.5 DL and 40# now as she works her way up a few more pounds. You can't go wrong with either a Bear or Bowtech but I like the Heartbreaker a bit better myself as well as it shoots.

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    both are great bows. one thing i can say from experience though, you will not find better customer service from any bow manufacturer better than Bear Archery. there are plenty of threads and post on here about Bowtech's declining customer service. hopefully you will never have to deal with customer service with either bow you choose!
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    The heartbreaker is a top end high performance bow. The bear is just an ultra light with pink accents added and not high performance at all. (Speed)
    I think Bowtech service is top notch. Thats why i shoot for them.
    They make great bows and womens bows.
    Yes i am a fan of Bowtech.

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    Hey girl....I got the Bear Homewrecker last year. LOVE it! I've had a Martin, Parker and now ultimate fav. Its lightweight and "on target"! Bass Pro sells these at a farily good price. You wont be dissappointed

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    The heartbreaker is by far a better bow,if your going to buy a bear stay with the high end models,my dealer has had nothing but problems with the entry level models.

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    got my gf the bear homewrecker last year, she loves it and its easy to tune and shoot. very lightweight. i see no quality issues at all with it.

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    My wife has a Heartbreaker and just won the indoor archery techno (men and women) league with it. She loves this bow to say the least. When she shot the homewrecker she said it seemed like a kids or youth bow, just like her buckshot.

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