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Thread: JOAD IN Port Orchard WA area

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    JOAD IN Port Orchard WA area

    My granddaughter is into archery, is there a JOAD program near Port Orchard.

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    You can find a PDF download listing JOAD clubs by state in the link below. I had to look up just to find that Port Orchard was near Seattle. There are JOAD clubs listed but I don't know the area well enough to tell what town is near what town. I do know that Spokane wouldn't be close


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    Quote Originally Posted by dennis goldbach View Post
    My granddaughter is into archery, is there a JOAD program near Port Orchard.
    Follow this link for the WA JOAD dot org. Email them to see what clubs have a JOAD. http://washingtonarchery.org/forum/u...State_JOAD.pdf

    Lucky timing for her, the first annual WA State JOAD Championships are scheduled for August 25 at Skookum Archers in Puyallup.

    Best of luck to her!

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    Check with Flaming Arrows in Kitsap – They are a 4H Archery program but I think there was talk about getting into JOAD.

    KBH Archery is also relatively close to your area – they had a JOAD program but have not heard much from them lately so I don’t know the status.

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    The Kitsap Hot Shots (I think that is the group name) meet at KBH Archers in Belfair.

    See the WSAA website www.WashingtonArchery.org for information about the Clubs and Shops in the state.

    From Port Orchard, I guess Skookum Archers at Puyallup is also pretty close. They have an active JOAD, and a "drop in" program on Thursday evenings.

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    I think WillZ did you a disservice by not mentioning his Blackhawk JOAD club. It's a great group of kids and parents that meet at Skookum on Wednesdays. He runs a well organized club and if you can handle the drive to Puyallup, you should check them out.
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