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    Hoyt Pro Hunter

    Just got a vintage Hoyt Pro Hunter recurve 50#@28"-58".Wow she shoots great.I put some seal skin on the rest and a piece of leather for a striker.Bows in really nice shape.I might keep her maybe?? I am a longbow man but seem to shoot this ok.Anybody else have one of these?<><
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    I've shot them, but don't own one. Just another example of the saying that Earl Hoyt never made a bad bow. They weren't in the same class the the Hoyt Pro Medalist Super Hunter, (which was basically their early Olympic/Target bow, cut down to 62"), but no slouch by any means. If you have a solid wood riser, it's an older model, if it has lamination strips, newer. Newer, means 1970s.

    It's a keeper, IMHO. Set 'er up right, and it'll shoot more than OK.

    Viper1 out.

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