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    Lapper Bow Press

    I have seen all the DIY bow press pictures in this forum, very impressive!! I just got an old Lapper bow press like the one I had years ago, I intend to use it on a 48" axle to axle lenght Hoyt Pro Vantage Hunter. Do I need to remove the 2 buttons and the end of the limbs? Anybody has any experience on this old tool? Thanks for any advice.

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    Sorry never heard of the Lapper bow press, got any pictures? Pictures might help us understand what you are asking.
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    Here is a link to an article with a reference to the Bow Press mentioned above, The Lapper Bow Press, has a few photos as well.
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    google up bowmaster presses they cost about $40.00 and are not as dangerous as the lapper looks.

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    I have a lapper and an old pro vantage as well. yes it will work. be sure to back the limb bolts out a few turns to to lower the draw weight before using the lapper on any bow. you shouldnt have to remove the buttons on the ends of the limbs it will work just fine I still you my lapper on all my bows that dont have split limbs or past parallel limbs.

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    I agree you can leave the buttons in.
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    I still have all of the bow presses I have ever owned and the Lapper was the first one. You had to know what you were doing to use one, but it got the job done. It never failed me.

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