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Thread: What happened to Loggy Bayou

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    What happened to Loggy Bayou

    As the title implies, what ever happened to Loggy Bayou tree stands. They had a great super light backpackable ladder stand. Does anyone know?

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    There was a thread on here a year or two ago that they were going to re-open the business, but I have not heard anything since then.

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    From what I understand when they went out of business, Muddy bough their patents and based alot of thier designs off of it.
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    I used to have a couple of their hang ons, about twenty years ago, too bad cuz they were nice stands

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    Everything Muddy makes is practically identical to loggy. I have been wondering too if Muddy had just bought them out or something

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    Did they buy them out and double the price ?

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    There was a member on here with a handle like loggybayouboy or something that said they were supposed to come back a while ago. I think his parents owned the company. Maybe do a search and shoot him a pm?
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    They have closed the doors and been sold and reopened at least once that I know of. Sub par workmanship for a while really hurt them. There were artilces in a few outdoor magazines about 5 or 6 years ago about how they were trying to turn things around.I think it was to late and low sales finally forced them to close the doors.
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    I think they are out of business. I have several older Loggy's and a newer Stalker XL that is a great stand. I like a stand with the seat attached to the stand and the openess of a Loggy. When I find one on craigslist for 50 bucks or so i buy them.
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    I like there saftey harness
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    I used them as a kid and loved them then I bought a summit....... Not bashing but I'll take my summit any day of the week over loggys.
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