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    BC Vancouver area archery club

    Moving back home soon and I was wondering if anyone else in the Greater Vancouver area is interested in archery, or can point me in the right directions: shops, clubs etc.

    Thank you

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    Hello Xenomorph,

    Boorman Archery out of New Westminister would be a good place to start. Boorman Archery is approximately 50 minutes out of Vancouver depending on traffic.

    Best Regards,

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    Try looking here too (might be a bit dated though).




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    Clubs in the Greater Vancouver Area

    -Burnaby Archers, located in Burnaby corner of Kensington and Joe Sakic Way, essentially a big fita field
    -North Shore Archers, they shoot at a school in north van ( lynn valley area) a few days week, indoor 20 yards during rain and inclement weather, outdoor in the soccer field in summer
    - Semiahmoo Rod and Gun Club South Surrey/White rock area, an east west fita field, 3D course, and an indoor range
    -Ridgedale rod and gun, Abbotsford out in the valley, primarily a 3D set up
    -Sagitarius Archers, Abbotsford on the Sumas side, indoor, 3D and a recently renovated 60 yard practice range with covered shooting shed and lights.
    -Mission rod and gun club, obviously out in mission, seems primarily powder and lead focused but they have a nice 3D set up
    -Royal City archers, new westminster, right under Boormans Archery, indoor 20 yard range
    -have heard rumors that the Squamish club might be up and running again on a limited basis

    Shops in the GVA/GVRD
    -Boormans Archery in Newwestminster, the only archery specific shop in the list, probably the best starting point
    -Big Game Archery in Abbotsford, out of a guys house, have never personally been there
    -Wholesale Sports in langely, kind of like a mini cabelas, it's gotten better as of late, they now have a guy who knows the dangerous end of a bow
    -Chilliwack Dart and Tackle in Chilliwack out in the valley, mainly lead and powder/fishing focused, they do have a guy Dale who is good on bows
    - that is the short list of archery related stores, yes a bit lacking around here, I do most of my shopping new and used off the mighty intraweb nowadays


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    Thanks a lot for all the info, considering I am going to live in the Metrotown area I am pretty much in the middle of things, save North Van and Abbotsford

    Definitely looking forward to joining a club and practice more, especially since I want to get into hunting.


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    When you get into town come drop-in on the North Shore and see what we are all about. Check out our web page for more info on Facebook.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Goose1973 View Post

    When you get into town come drop-in on the North Shore and see what we are all about. Check out our web page for more info on Facebook.


    It will be my pleasure especially since I have a lot of practicing to do. Thanks for all the information, I'm definitely looking forward to coming home now.

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