For Sale Davis 12X14 WALL TENT WITH STOVE & FLY &&&&&&&&&&&


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    Davis 12X14 WALL TENT WITH STOVE & FLY &&&&&&&&&&&

    I will be up front with this, you will pay all shipping, Or I will make arrangements for delivery within reasonable distance splitting cost.

    I have a Davis 12X14 wall tent,water and mildew and fire resistant treated with three windows and one door .the door has a screen door on it ,and a Colorado storm door ,the windows are one on each wall centered and one on the back wall .it has the traditional pole setup ,and the summit wood stove that Davis sells, it has the warming shelf ,and the hot water heater ,and the coal grate .It's the summit wood stove called "The Valley" cylinder stove.

    The hole for the stack is on the front left in the top not on side wall.

    it also has a fly with a 7 foot awning extending over the front door.

    The tent has never been set up since I bought it. The stove and traditional pole setup is still in original shipped box from Davis.

    everything is new. when purchased I paid $2060.00 with shipping.

    You'll have to pay for shipping or arrange pickup
    Within reasonable distance I can meet you halfway. I would say 200 to 300 mile halfway at the most.

    No Trades

    All For $1300.00

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    Where in MN are you?

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    PM Sent ,There seems to be some interest in this ,So if you're interested in purchasing a complete package ,You better speak up ,This is a great price $700 off if you bought the whole thing new .



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    PM's Answered , And I now have an offer for just the stove ,So if anyone's wanting a complete package you better speak up fast .Because once I accept an offer on the stove I won't turn it down



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    this is a heck of a deal! Wish it was for sale last summer when I bought pretty much the same package new...

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    Both the tent and the stove are still available ,The gentleman that was interested in the stove has one That is lighter , This one has the heavier steel wand a barrel so that you can burn coal in it.

    and I guess the gentleman that was interested in the tent was just in hopes of a cheap deal ,and this is already a good deal it is about $550 off what you could order it for new ,and this is new .



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    wish you were in nc
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    That's what shipping is for , That's why whenever we have a problem we need to think how we can be better more so than wishing we "were" better.

    And shipping solve your problem,But I realize that may cost more then you have .So your problem is lack of funds !

    Now this is a good deal .And you have to think of it like an investment .It's not a tent that's gonna be staying around for a couple days or weeks or months . I've heard some guys having these tents as long as 20 or 30 years ,That's why it's an investment boys


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    Tent is SOLD

    Stove is still for sale $285.00 plus shipping



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    Any taker's

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    Stove is still for sale $275.00 plus shipping

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