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    deer decoy,Rut

    What Deer Decoy would you recommend, to use for this upcoming Rut ?

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    I also have the same question. Never used one before wonder how well they work.
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    I will post more info when I get to my pc. Highly recommend the doe and buck dream team from Montana Decoy. They are an awesome setup. I took a 150 two years ago that just had to come check them out. No matter what decoy you choose I will have some tips to share tomorrow.
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    Yes yes and yes.

    I've had really good success with the Flambeau "Boss Buck"...

    See this short 5 minute video (not great footage).. The decoy is positioned just to the right of the cameras view. This buck and several does walked around the decoy for 45 + minutes. Without the decoy this buck would not have been shot.

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    This second video is long but kinda funny. Check out the beginning and the last 2 minutes of the video, cool scrape footage. This little 8pt kept me awake on a pretty cold November afternoon.... I didn't get my camera on right away but this buck walked directly under me and came from down wind. This is one major advantage of a decoy in my opinion. Its just one more thing to take the bucks attention off you.

    To date the biggest buck taken with this decoy was 138"

    Keys to sucess with a decoy:

    1- Scent free always. store outside, wash, dont over use scent on them
    2- put the decoy in a position that provides a clear shot for you on an approaching deer.
    3- play the wind as always

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    I really like my Carry Lite and I also have a Montana paper decoy.

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    Decoying whitetail deer is by no means an exact science. Every deer is different in its personality so what works great with one may not work at all for others. I have been using decoys for many years. This is a list of my advice/suggestions but it by no means covers every deer in every situation.

    - Make sure the decoy is easily visible. You want the deer to see and come to the decoy on their own terms. You do not want the deer to be startled by the decoy. For this reason decoying works well on field

    - Scent, scent, scent! You have to take steps to make sure the decoy is scent free. I spray mine down every time I use it. I also like to use a deer scent with it to add realism. I have started using a product called “Ever Calm” that seems to work very well. During rut I will also mix in some rut type scents.

    - I like to add motion to my decoys. A thin, white cloth that will move in the wind attached to the tail adds realism.

    - Deer are sometimes spooked by the decoy. I estimate that about 10% of the deer have a bad reaction to the decoy. Small bucks tend to be afraid of the buck decoy. Mature does tend to be suspicious of everything. If I have a mature doe that insists on stomping and blowing at the decoy I actually run her off so she doesn’t ruin the hunt for other deer. I have never had a mature buck be afraid of the decoy. They are sometimes aggressive and sometimes curious.

    - Setup –
    o I always setup the decoys so that the wind is blowing from them to me. Most deer will circle downwind of the decoy. I like to have the decoy at the far end of my desired shooting range. Typically this is about 30 yards away. When a deer circles to get downwind they end up in the 20-30 yard range and they are facing the decoy, not the hunter.

    o If possible, I also like to have the decoy backed up against a boundary of some kind to discourage deer from going to the wrong side of it. Fence rows, field edges, rivers, trees, etc work well for this.

    o Except during the rut I have had my best luck with a buck decoy. It brings out the aggression in bucks and they tend to focus on the decoy and not the hunter. During rut I always use a buck and doe combination. A buck setup about 5-6 feet behind a doe is a deadly combination.

    o If during a firearm season make sure to hang some orange in the area and wear orange yourself.

    Ok, that is D.J.’s decoying strategies. As I have said before, it doesn’t always work but when it does it’s something you will really enjoy.
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    might have to try it out this year!!

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    Still have luck with the old Primos Scarface. Always put him 25yd out upwind with one horn on and the other off.
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    snoopy has some good advice above ^^^

    I use two Flambeau decoys, one as a ~90" standing buck and one as a bedded doe (I don't attach the legs).
    I position the doe about 15 yards facing away from me and the buck about 20 yards facing me. A buck will usually approach a doe decoy from the rear and a buck decoy head on. Whichever one he approaches presents a facing away shot opportunity.

    I leave mine out in the woods in camo bags that I made near the base of my tree and I cover them with leaves and small sticks. They are almost invisible and unless you know they're there, anyone would walk right by them.

    I spray them with unscented spray each time after setting them up. When the time is right I use estrus scent in a film canister and set it on the ground right next to the doe decoy's rear end. I never put scent on the decoys.

    When using only one decoy I opt for setting it up as a small buck. From my experience resident does get spooky around an intruder doe decoy but they are used to seeing new small bucks in the area as dispersal takes place. Every day is different and every deer has different personalities that change from day to day. Decoys don't work every time but when they do it can be very exciting!

    My best (opportunity) came 3 to 4 years ago with a solid 150" inch 10 pointer. He came in and gave me a 12-15 yard shot at first light one morning. Unfortunately I mistook my 30 yard pin (brighter) for my 20 yard pin and shot right over his back! :O I was a little sick but tried to redeem myself when he presented a 50 yard broadside shot on the field. He was spooky at this point and he ducked my shot, another clean miss. A mid 130's 8 pointer had followed him in also and returned to the decoys to investigate. He presented me with another chip shot in the same spot of my first shot. I elected to pass in case the 150 returned as he was then standing about 100 yards away on the other side of the field looking back at the decoys. Alas, he didn't return but I had a fun morning hunt

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    love my carrylite - wish it wasn't so loud, but really does the job - I know this has been posted several times before, but it clearly shows the power of a well placed set-up...watching the video the wind is blowing from roughly 2:30 on the clock, both dekes are sprayed heavily with Dead Down Wind Scent Eliminator - no deer scent of any kind on the deke - tissues in the ears and on the tail to add movement (makes a BIG difference) - you can see the buck close the distance from more than 200 yards away, smash the decoy (carylite), then go over and try to take the lady (flambeau 3D target)....what you don't see is that this very same scenario played itself out an hour earlier with a different 9-point and we had to climb down and put the buck deke back together agian.....sorry for the quality, the Filmer hit the MS card as opposed to recording it on the tape, but you still get the full effect...I'd suggest watching all the way to the end to see the buck approach the doe, even after he clearly destroys the buck deke....

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    subscribed.. Im going to be using decoys for the first time this year. Im using the tinks Mr October and Miss November blowups. Should be interesting..
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    I have one I am going to try out and will watch this thread for any advice on offer, I am in.
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    Just pour out a bag of corn...
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    I have been using the 2 demensional Renzo decoy's for the past 5 yrs; they worked great in doe and buck setup! I kept losing the plastic clips and metal rod. This year I am using the dream team from Montana, so no flimsy coat hanger rods and plastic.
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