Without Sights.......Recurve and Compound.


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    Without Sights.......Recurve and Compound.

    Anybody shoot without sights and switch back and forth from recurve to compound?

    And......how does that work out for you?

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    Yes, I do on occasion, just for something different.

    My newer compound hunting bow has sights; my old Indian wheel-bow doesn't anymore.

    I've shot various recurves and longbows without sights for years, so just for ducks, I'll occasionally take out the ol' retired Indian and try a few, bare-bow. It's essentially just a short limbed three-piece recurve with little eccentric wheels on the ends; not really anything like our modern cam-action bow.

    Don't know that I'd recommend it as a learning technique or anything, though...

    Switch back and forth between modern compound and recurve/longbow? Yes, I definately do that; wouldn't want to lose what few recurve skills I've got! And this year, it unexpectadly came in pretty handy: my compound locked-up on me in the second week of elk season, so I simply went to the recurve and continued hunting.

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    I shot barebow compound for a long time. I still have my 99 browning, and it's really no different than switching up between COMPLETLY different recurves. After 5 shots or so I'm back dialed in. It can be done and Dow very very well if I might add.

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    much like brianlacal3 has said.

    i shoot barebow compound in 3d competition but shoot my 2 recurves at the club or at a trad only get together. same finger tab and form. gaps slightly different but only takes a few arrows and i'm right. especially like to shoot timbers with one of the recurves.

    our 3d season finishes in november for a few months over the summer, then it's recurve time for the enjoyment of it. i'd like to think that shooting recurve last summer actually helped improve my shooting, especially the compound fingers release.

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