Bear 'Black Panther Hunter ' for sale


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    Bear 'Black Panther Hunter ' for sale

    Guys...I got a Black PAnther here that I just don't want. Its in real good shape..just the normal minor scuffs taht can be worked out etc. It's 52" - 45/50lbs @28". Tips are great, limbs also in good shape...lower limb HAD a minor twist but I corrected this a month ago, and it seems to have worked.

    I will allow money back if not satisfied within 3 days of receipt.

    I'm looking for 150.00US, or best offer. Sorry, I do not have a good string for it. Buyer to pay shipping which should run around 25.00US for airmail.
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    REVISED PRICE TO 130.00US. plus shipping.

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    Reduced price to 125.00 US plus shipping.

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