How much for 2011 PSE Omen?


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    How much for 2011 PSE Omen?

    What is a fair resale price for a 2011 PSE Omen?

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    look at the classifeds and ebay. depends on the condotion new/used. what do you think the 12ga is worth. i would say shot the bow frist before you decide on trading. your diamond and the omen are way differnt in feel. omen is not as forgiving either but a very nice bow. imo

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    It's a Mossberg 535 ATS with a 22" and 28" choke barrel for turkey etc and a 24" slug barrel and hard case. Mossy Oak camo finish. Shot maybe 20 times. I'm guessing about $400-500 on my shotgun and barrels.

    He says he bought the bow last year and never shot it. It's a completely bare bow.

    I had emailed him before buying my Outlaw and he just responded today. I thought it was a great deal was why i was so interested. Just seemed kinda fishy that he bought a $1000 bow and never shot it. But figured I was on the winning end of the trade anyway.

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    Should be worth at least $500,if not a little more.Speed freaks love them.
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    you would be if and i said IF you like the bow and it FEELS good to you. dose the bow have a d-loop on it? if it dose then there is a chance it has been shot. if it has it does not mean it is a bad thing. shoot the bow it you like it then i think you got a good deal.

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    i got my 2011 from a pse shop, it was the owners but barely had a dozen shots on it and was collecting dust so on a whim i asked what he wanted for it and got it for dealer cost around 700.00 but it was near mint and i knew the owner well.

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