This bow is a Wheeler Archery, Ultrasaurus. It is currently set at 28" draw length and 50-60 pound limbs. Strings and cables are in great condition. Finish is Hardwoods and is still in good condition. Only normal wear and tear near mounting holes, as usual. This bow shoots very smooth and quick for a 60 pounder. The is a single cam bow (I believe it is BowTech's Infinity cam) and shoots bullets through paper. The accessories shown in the pictures below are:

Sights: Trophy Ridge
Rest: Cobra Sidewinder
Stabilizer: Octane (matching camo with bow)
Quiver: 2 piece Fuse (matching camo with bow)
Peep: Fletch Tru-peep
Sling: Felt

I'm looking to sell this bow with all of the aforementioned accessories for $275 or bare bow for $200.







My wife and I have both shot this bow for quite a few years now, but we need to sell this before getting a new bow for her. Thanks for looking.