Help with info on this old York Crescent bow


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    Help with info on this old York Crescent bow

    Hi, I don't know much at all about archery, so please forgive me. I found this old bow in my dad's garage & I'm looking for info on it. Honestly, I'd like to sell it but don't know where to start. Made by York Archery, Independence, MO. It measures approx 61" in total length. Has these numbers (I have no idea what they mean) No GBF-1 .... 40# 28" ..... 8482 ..... 64". Please se pic below. I believe this is from the 1950's, but not totally sure. Does something like this hold any value to collectors? Does anyone have a round about idea of a value? What do I need to look for as far as condition goes? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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    The 40# at 28" means that the Draw Weight is at 40 lbs when drawn to 28". The 64" is the actual length if you follow all the curves with a tape vs just measuring from tip to tip. It probably would need a 60" string.

    As far as value, can't help you there...

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    Thank you! That's a start!

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