Handheld release for hunting, 3 or 4 finger?


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    Handheld release for hunting, 3 or 4 finger?

    I am shopping for a thumb trigger release, primarily for hunting, but also to use as a backup for tournament shooting. I shoot a 3-finger release for tournaments, so I am kind of moving toward a 3-finger thumb trigger. Those of you that shoot a handheld release for hunting, do you prefer a 3- or 4-finger? I can see that a 4-finger would provide a little more pulling power on cold mornings, so that is why I am also considering a 4-finger.

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    I shoot a truball max pro 4, and I love it!!! Perfect for hunting but I only use 3 fingers with it to me it more consistant.

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    This year I will be trying a Spott Hogg SNS 3-finger. My son will be shooting a Carter 3 finger. Both attach and hang from the loop which is what I was looking for. The minute I get the urge to punch that trigger on a deer, it will be back to a hinge for hunting!!
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    I had a 4 finger and now shoot 3 finger releases, jsut alot more comfortable for me. the stan shoot off trio is where its at IMO
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    thats why they make both 3 and 4 finger models, its up to the archer what works best for him

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    Tru Ball Thumb push caliper(3 finger) for almost everything I do. I also have the Max Pro 4 and it works just as well.
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