Best compound bows for finger release


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    Best compound bows for finger release

    I shoot traditional bows and a Mathews Drenalin LD, but really enjoy shooting my old PSE Laser Magnum (49" axle-axle) and American Archery Cheetah (47" axle-axle) set to about 50# each. I have heard some horror stories about the swaged end cables on older compounds and have some questions - all pertaining to non-hunting use:

    1. If there is no visible cable slippage out of the swaged end and the cable appears in good condition otherwise, do I have reason to be concerned about a failure due to age (such as possible dissimilar metal reaction between steel stranding and the swaged end material)? Have there been many failures of the old swaged cables? Did any of them occur in cables of apparently good condition?

    2. If I want to shoot a non-swaged cable compound and desire it to shoot like those I mentioned (easy draw, significant holding force for finger release, and "wall") where do I look? It looks like a Mathews soft 60% cam in a Conquest or a Hoyt Vantage would be good candidates. What else should I be looking at?

    Obviously the longer the better for finger shooting. If I don't want the "wall", can I get a cam (or set the bow) to a draw length longer than I need, and then use a consistent anchor point (as in trad) and get the same feel as my old round wheel compounds? I understand that the valley varies from cam to cam and I want the draw to feel as close as possible to that of the round wheels.

    I have some shoulder issues and have to stick to 35-40# trad or 50# with 50% release in my old compounds. My 60# Mathews Drenalin LD is not now entirely comfortable for my shoulder for repetitive shooting.

    Thanks ahead of time for your assistance,

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    If you can shoot a 37" ata try the Athens Exceed. It has a round wheel feel the draw is so smooth, you could definitely shoot a longer draw and shoot out of the cycle where you want. If you want a little longer try the Athens Excell, it's 41" ata with 8" bh
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    I dont care what anyone says a "finger bow" under 44" axel to axel aint in my book a finger bow. I kow guys do it but you cant tell me that a 37" A to A bow compared to a 44 /45 " a to a bow compares in finger pintch forgiveness etc,,,,, yes guys shoot them I CANT!-- Any of the newer or older Hoyt finger bows I've found are the best--- Advantage, protec, montego, reflex caribou, oasis, ect....
    "Ogredude" over on the finger forum has a few for sale , ebay always has some as does the classifieds here on A.T. -- good luck....
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    worried about tear drops? Have them replaced, Santa Fe Archery in Texas, Viking Archery in Houston Texas will replace them. Some tear drop bows an be converted to use a more modern setup...just call and ask those guys.

    I can't give you any advice as what to look for and when it may let these guys and talk to them.

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    As to which finger bows...don't know, haven't shot enough but I know there are a lot of Frankn bows out there that are built around a Hoyt riser. John at Johns custom strings (I think), can't remember the other guy here, can assemble anything you want.

    I'm shooting a Martin Shadowcat that has been adjusted nicely..there is a wall but the valley is longer now than when I first got it. The down side is too much let off. I tried reducing it but didn't like the way it felt...not smooth like the older compounds.

    Hoyt and PSE make some nice finger bows but they're a bit pricy- contender elite and vantage ltd.

    do look in the finger bow forums, you'll likely get the answers you need there.
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    Good information, guys. Thank you. I will, indeed, look at the finger bow forum.

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