Pine Mountain Archery???


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    Pine Mountain Archery???

    Has anyone bought anything off of e-bay from them?? Or is it a rip off!! Brad

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    Brad I just bought a Parker Tornado from them on ebay. It arrived quickly in perfect condition.

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    Orfered a scentblocker suit from them last year....Shipped quickly, as described, A+.....

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    I have had nothing but a GOOD experience with PINE MOUNTAIN they are great communicators Rapid shipping Good items at a fair price !!!! DB

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    So this place is safe.been looking at some under armour dead calm stuff. Any one else had experience with this place

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradley joe View Post
    has anyone bought anything off of e-bay from them?? Or is it a rip off!! Brad
    yea they definitely a ripoff--i won on auction 2 wildgame innovation 1.3 mp trailcamera's with security boxes one day apart.
    My biggest problem with them is communication. I tried to get in touch with them first off to see if i could get combined shipping since i won both ebay auctions one day apart and emailed company to hold off pine mountain archery from sending out first order till second auction completed the next day when time run out.--they didn't for three days. Cost me $30.00 s&h.
    I did get both orders in a few days, yet i had no invoice for either package for my future warranty purposes. Wildgame innovations warrants these camera's for one year and i didn't have a printer on my computer to print out my order confirmation and emailed them several more times using different contacts--still no response from them.
    A couple weeks later i was emailed thru ebay to give feedback on both orders of which i gave negative feedback--wahlaa i got a responce the next day wanting me to revise my feedback and they would finally send me back my 2 invoices for warranty for 2 camera's. Sounds like blackmail don't it-- i agreed to change my feedback to positive hoping to get my receipts in the mail. Thats been a month ago--no invoices after still trying to contact them.
    I've reported them to the better business bureau which they graded them as a "f" already. They have no phone # and communication is non-existant for the most part--hope this helps

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    I disagree-they are the hardest bunch to get in contact with and communication is definitely their biggest problem--the better business bureau give them a "f" already. Others have had same problem by checking reviews. I gave them negative feedback sent by ebay to let others know and wahlaa i got a email from pine mountain archery next day wanting me to revise my feedback and then they'll send both my invoices for two wildgame innovation 1.3 trail camera's i had won a day apart. They said they would send my invoices if i would revise my feedback to positive of which i did do--sounds like blackmail doesn't it. If you're not a satisfied customer you can forget getting a response from them.
    I sent in 4-5 more emails since then about my invoices for both orders for my warranty purposes -no response--like the song--bad company!!

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    Sorry to drum up this old post but I have a similar question and wanted to see if anyone has dealt with them more recently. The older posts gave them high praises and the latest reviewer seems to have had a bad experience more recently. Just curious if they have gone downhill. Thanks.

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    Funny, just found them myself on ebay. Sent an email for some sitka info. No response yet been 24 hours

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    Bought from them a few times last summer. No problems

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    Bought some things from them. Never any problems.

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