Hunting in 20-30 mph winds


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    Hunting in 20-30 mph winds

    Do you guys hunt with winds this high? I am one to be in the woods in freezing cold and rain but what do you guys do when winds are crazy?
    Can't kill them from the couch so I'm thinking I'm may sway in the trees

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    Always pondered the same question...

    Do deer tend to stay bedded with swirling winds of anything over 10mph? I see it as they have their nose for a reason, and with the winds - are they making themselves vulnerable?
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    Some areas 30 mph winds are the norm. Deer still have to feed, but might not travel as far. 2 years ago a friend killed a 156" with 30 mph winds. Is it as ideal as 5mph winds? No. Is it pointless to hunt? Probably not.

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    I'm getting to the point where I won't go out if the wind is over 12-15 mph. The woods get so loud, I can't imagine why deer would want to roam when they 2nd most powerful sense is being interfered by the white noise of the woods. But I could be wrong.

    Also, lately the wind has spiked late afternoon to early evening. It's not dying down until after dark. Most of the evening and early mornings have been calm. So my thought is, the deer are staying put on windy afternoons and moving more when things calm down. It can be frustrating pattern to hunt in my opinion.
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    I usually talk myself out of hunting on windy evenings. It never fails that I get a picture of a good buck on camera during daylight hours. The below pictures were taken last week with 20mph winds and gust much higher than that. You never know what will walk out on a windy day....
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    I say it depends on location. I usally bag it in the mountains of SW VA with 20-30 winds. The wind swirls everywhere in these conditions.

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    Yes, I hunt that. As long as I feel safe (usually takes 40+ mph to make me feel unsafe), I hunt.

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    Where I am, the dam wind blows all the time. If the trees are moving too much, I go to one of my blinds. Same in the pouring rain.

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    Making an ethical shot is my concern.

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    Seems when its windy the most activity i see is at the first and last hour of daylight. I usually will try n get in a stand on a windy day 2 to 2.5 hrs before dark.
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    I read in several books about deer behavior that deer don't move when it's windy. That is not what my trail cameras tell me, deer do move in the wind at least were I live.

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    Hunting in 20-30 mph winds

    Where I hunt, when its real windy the deer stick to depressions or low points. They will either be there or down in the bottoms where the wind isn't as bad. I acyually don't hunt stand when it's windy but prefer trying to spot and stalk. Been successful before due to that strategy
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    It's just a way of life in Kansas....I always hunt no matter what the wind intensity is doing. However, hunting closer to bedding areas in these conditions helps a lot.
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    I used to believe they wouldn't move in the wind but I see it all the time. I think most people think it's true cause they dont even try to hunt when it is windy.
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    Hunting in 20-30 mph winds

    Maybe I will hunt the ravines at the state park.

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    I have limited time to hunt so I still go out in the wind and/or rain. In the last 2 seasons I killed does in 25 mph winds and this year I missed a doe in the pouring rain so to hell with the weather!!
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    It has been really windy here in Upper Michigan for the last week. I've been hunting the past few days with 20 to 30 mph wind gusts. I haven't had many deer come by but the ones that have all been really nice bucks. 2 nights ago I had a monster 8 pointer come through at 4:30 when the wind was just howling. He came in from behind me, of course right where the wind is blowing and deer never come from. Needless to say I didn't end up getting a shot but it just goes to show that you never know when a big buck will be on their feet. I hate hunting in the high winds but I figure you have a better chance in a tree then on the couch so I do it.

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    If 20-30 mph winds were too strong to hunt in there would only be about 5-10 days total you should hunt if you hunted in Kansas.

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    I hate windy days. Sometimes I will use them to slak around instead of sitting in the stand.

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    What about as for your arrow how much till wind will affect a shot?

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    Re: Hunting in 20-30 mph winds

    Biggest buck i ever saw was on Nov 3rd in a 25 mph wind and 75 degrees. You can't shoot one from the couch.

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    I hate it but I still go if it's not over 30. I've been last 2 days in near 30 mph steady winds & have seen ZERO. I see very few as a rule BUT I got a shot at a personal best last year on such a day & blew it. If it's swirling, I stay home, if it's a steady blow, I go.

    A few years ago my buddy was here from Md. & it was just that kind of day (near 30 & drizzle), we debated about going & then decided we would & he killed his Buck about 10 min. b/4 quiting time.. His biggest Whitetail at that time.
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    I always thought they didn't move when its windy, then last weekend I was out at about 2:00 in 20-30mph winds and saw 2 of 'em on top of a ridge. They're still out there!

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    You will be safe hunting in the wind ONLY if you are using ozonics

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    Hunting in 20-30 mph winds

    I went shooting yesterday in winds that were gusting at over 20mph and shooting 50 yards and it had no affect on my arrow. This was a clear shot with no branches but I did not notice any difference in flight. That said I would still shy away from making a long range shot just how I am.

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