Strings for 2012 PSE Stinger 3G


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    Strings for 2012 PSE Stinger 3G

    I was looking into getting a new set of strings for my bow. Any ideas on a company that makes one for this bow..I looked in to Octane but can't find any info that says that they make them for bows other than bowtech..any ideas?

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    check out the outlet mall, lots of good builders on AT at a good price

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    I'm swaying towards twisted archer. Anyone use his before

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    Bigtrey37, Jamie makes a good string. He likes to use 452X for cables (for strength and stability) and 8125 for the string (speed). It is a very common combo. I had him make me a solid flo. green set...
    Sorry, it wasn't a better picture but I am at work so it is all I got for now...


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    Quote Originally Posted by bigtrey37 View Post
    I'm swaying towards twisted archer. Anyone use his before
    you wont be unhappy with Jamies strings, just talk with him before about any questions and pick a nice color combo to accent your bow.

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    JBK strings and cables are another good string maker.
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