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Thread: Thank you AT and all members...

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    Thank you AT and all members...

    AT has been such a valuable tool to me I can't even explain how much it has helped me. People like Nuts n Bolts that go outta their way to instruct and guide people on things to do are soooo much help I wouldn't know a fraction of what I know without them.I would like to thank all those people and wish there was something I could do to repay.This is an AWESOME site and I have met a lot of helpful awesome people.I would just like to say I value everyone's opinions, guidance, Help, ( whether i wanna hear it or not lol)and input on everything I have needed help with..Thanks to all mods and members for a place I LOVE to frequent many times on a daily basis. THANK YOU!! Jeremy

    Jeremy Reed

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    Jeremy, I agree with you 100%. AT is an awesome resource! And posts such as yours above only make the community even better.

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    AT is a great resource for info/tips from ALOT of great people. Sometimes you have to sift thru but you can usually find what your looking for.

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    Totally agree. I'm on here many times a day and have learned a huge amount, not only in terms of archery equipment and technique, but learned what not to say, what threads to ignore, and who to listen to. And AT is a huge wealth of information if you need to look something up.

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