difference between code blue and code red?


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    difference between code blue and code red?

    so whats the difference? bought some code red because its cheaper and you get more. use them in scrape drippers usually and the deer seem to tear up both equally well. anyone know the difference between the two?

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    Code blue=1 deer, one bottle. Code red=blend of deer, one bottle.

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    ok, seeing as how all pheramones in the species are the same i think code red will suffice

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    the difference is that I bought the code blue and it didn't work so I kept my cash in my pocket and didn't buy the code red.

    I also bought some stuff from a local farmer (deer) but that didn't seem to work either.

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    i have had good luck using scents, several bucks a buddy and i have killed have come trotting in to doe estrus in november only to be shot by us

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    We were talking about mock scrapes and some guys on here said they just pee into theirs and save money and it works they said.

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    i also do that to start them, but i use the deer pee in the dripper

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    Code red seemed to be a big flop to me. I bought a few bottles because of price. Well they smelled very ammonia saturated and just didnt work PERIOD!!
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