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    liberty one bow

    First, I have recently this year switched to shooting traditional - got an Omega from Kegan and do not plan on going back to a compound. However, I had been wanting a liberty bow for several years becuase I thought they were innovative and neat. I got one used recently off this forum from a true gentleman. I shot this bow for the first time this afternoon. All I can say - it is pure awesomeness - user friendly and wickedly fast, smooth etc... I was at first skeptical about it - but not any more. I have been in to archery and bow hunting since the mid eighties. I have shot Bear, PSE, Matthews and Hoyt compound bows in these years - and yes they are all great bows - but I am sold on this liberty for sure. It is light weight, compact for ease on movement and carrying. If you hunt from a blind, or do allot of stalking and still hunting - this is the bow for you. Even in a treestand - it is so compact and would be easy to manuever around a tree and such. Never the less, this is just my oppinion, but darn, I am impressed with this bow. If you in the market for a new compound - dont be afraid to think outside the box and look at the Liberty.

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    Bringing this thread back from the dead. Ironically, I just got an Omega from Kegan too! Thing is, I have always wanted to try the Liberty 1 for a compact hunting bow for short distances (20-30 yd). Anymore opinions on this weapon? Don't want to drop $1k and regret it.

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