Hoyt Compound Bow Limbs


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    Hoyt Compound Bow Limbs

    Hi, I've noticed Hoyt bow pull weights very depending on the limbs they have on them, even when the center section appears to be the same, are a lot of the limbs interchangeable. Say you get a bow with a 40-50 draw can you put 50-60 limbs on it or vice verse, or is it a lot more complicated than that? The reason I'm asking is I see a lot of nice bows on ebay, and I see limbs for sale also, thinking I could make a nice setup for myself this way.


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    You can get limbs in a different deflection to change the poundage for you bow. But you cannot interchange ie. xt2000's for xt3000's or proarc's for xt500's ect...

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    OK, cool, saves me making quick mistakes, appreciate it, thanks.

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    well on several bows you can interchange limbs, it changes more than just poundage but like target bows, long ata, they come with xt2000 and xt3000 limbs on alot of models, so to say you cant change limb size it not nessecarly true. Just as you can change cams also, as they come factory usually with different cam options

    What bow do you have that your asking about????
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    Right now I'm waiting for an older Hoyt Meridian to arrive via UPS, should be real nice to learn on, but I was thinking about getting a newer bow something like this, http://www.ebay.com/itm/271089974232...84.m1438.l2649 and bringing it up to a 40-50 or even a 50-60. If its to much to reconfigure I'll just wait for the right one to come along:-), but I like to tinker, so was thinking building one up would be pretty cool.

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