? on a liver hit deer


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    ? on a liver hit deer

    Hey peeps, could you guys tell me how far a liver hit deer will go and how long it will take for them to die? I hit one last night have pretty good blood but backed out until this a.m only problem is it rained last night.

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    If it wasn't pressured then most likely didn't go far. But ya never know with liver hits.

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    Ive never had one go very far. If you were in cover you ought to find it pretty easy.

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    Re: ? on a liver hit deer

    I shot a buck Saturday liver shot , went about 80 yards

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    Yeah i agree with Team Hoyt PA. As long as nothing pushed it, it would want to "curl up & die". Also search a close source of water.

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    You did the right thing backing out. You should find him quickly this morning. Good luck!
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    My buddy did the same thing last night... waiting to hear from him this AM on recovery as well.
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    Not proud of it but I liver hit both my does this year. Both were recovered less than 100 yds.
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    mine went about 100yards last year, took about 5 hours to expire

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    Mine went about 50 yards and was down for the count in about 2 minutes. Don't know how normal that is.

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    I liver hit one the other day, and she made it about 250 yards. From the looks of the blood trail, she ran the whole way though.

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    I shot a doe in the liver about 6 years ago she ran over 500 yards recovered her the next day but I have also shot deer in the liver and watched them run 30 yards stop then fall over.

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    ive never had one go really far. they just tend to bed down and stay alive a little bit longer than a lung hit. if you gave him over night you will more than likely find the deer
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