Mathews Creed vs. Mathews Heli-m vs. Mathews ZXT


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    Mathews Creed vs. Mathews Heli-m vs. Mathews ZXT

    I am lookin at all 3 of these bows for the 2013 season has anyone shot them? The ZXT looks very similar to the Z7 Xtreme which I know was a big hit. Which would you pick?

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    My thoughts from Tuesday:

    Shot both yesterday, the "Chill" was dead in the hand, no vibration, and a easy shot follow-thru, but I really didn't like the narrow Focus grip with the rounded back on it. My sandwich clamps are XL, so that's a factor, but I'd prefer the flat back grip style like the Torqueless brand of grip. The weight was good, and the bow felt very balanced. The draw stop was solid and the draw cyle was less aggressive than my Monster 6.

    The Creed is a different feel for the Mathews line. To me, it looks like a Monster, a Z7, and a Conquest had a baby, and this is it. The riser with the split limbs is wider and thicker than the usual slim look of the Mathews. The gridlock is beefed up but without any noticable weight increase. Frankly, it felt quite a bit like my old Bear "Truth". The drawstop makes for a solid backwall, and the cam has a less aggressive feel at fulldraw, a bit easier to relax and concentrate on the shot. The shop had shot this one out to 100 yards with decent results, but had no comments yet on the tuning ease/challenges, none had surfaced yet. The bottom of the riser has a cut-out below the stabilzer mount, looks like that is to a mount an offset stabilzer with the sliding balance bar.

    The ZXT is a basically Z7 Extreme in a new wrapper, the shop wasn't excited about it at all.

    With the new split limbs, the bows are looking pretty frail to me, as the limbs are tiny compared to what we have seen. It will intersting to see how they hold up to hard hunting and woods use. Same with the big cams and wheels, the metal work is good and you can see the structure built into the support work of each, but I'd be afraid to "ding" one and have it come apart out of perfect alignment.

    While these are good looking bows, and both shot well, the new look and features were not enough to make me want to run to the counter and get a new one.

    Also looked at the new Mission Ballistic, and next to the Monster Chill, I'm not sure the $400 price difference makes any performance value that the average shooter could measure. Both look about identical in appearance and specs, the Ballistic has a slightly heavier riser without the gridlock, but that was about it. Both shot the same from what I could tell.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    The zxt is mathews entry level bow and feels every bit the part. It may sell somewhat but not enough to make it worth while imo. The creed is supposed to be the next
    best single cam bow from mathews but for me falls short of expectations. The chill is pretty nice and will be mathews biggest seller this year imo. I shot the mission
    ballistic sideby side with the chill to see if there was enough difference to warrant the extra 500 dollar difference. The biggest difference is the grip area. The chill has a
    more rounded grip compared to the ballistic which has more of a flat grip in the front. The specs are almost identical. If you were to shoot them side by side you wouldn't
    be able to tell the difference except for the grip. The one thing I was not impressed with on the creed and chill and the ballistic are the limbs. They look like they were
    taken off a diamond nuclear ice kids bow. Not something I would expect on a 900 dollar bow for sure. Both the chill and creed will both sell, with the chill being their best
    seller. The creed had a limb stop on it and the chill does not. If forced to buy one of the new mathews I would go with the chill, more than likely the ballistic for the savings.
    If I were given a choice of which mathews bow I wanted I would have to go with the heli-m. It's still their best bow imo.

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    I shot the creed today. wasnt a fan of it. the chill was freeking awesome. thats prolly the best shooting bow i have shot from mathews. i cant tell you anything on the zxt cuz the one i shot was about an inch to short for me pull back wise. helim to me kinda felt like my xtreme. go out an shoot em.
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    I saw the chill and creed today. The only thing that really stood out was how small the split limbs were. I didn't shoot them but I asked the shop manager about them. He thought they were good but still liked the helim better.

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    What prices is everbody seeing on the creed so far? Just curious cause i havent had the chance to check one out yet.

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    What prices is everbody seeing on the creed so far? Just curious cause i havent had the chance to check one out yet.

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    i did shoot the creed and I thought it was a great shooting bow and soon plan on ordering one, the cams on this thing are huge and maybe that's why they say inventing the wheel in a big way. the limbs are thin but that doesn't concern me, no way mathews will put a inferior product on the market. but you got to shoot them and decide this for your self and then and only then will you know.

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    The different opinions on this thread just show how differently each bow fits different people. I shot the creed, chill, and ballistic last evening. The Chill, well, it's a monster. There are many monster lovers out there but I'm not one of them. It shot great and was more "dead in the hand" than the creed but to me there is more to it than that. If it had the traditional mathews grip I would like it much better.

    The creed was great. If I was to buy a brand new mathews bow right now this would be it. I'm not big on split limbs but I think the quality is there and I wouldn't be afraid to hunt with it. It's more a personal preference. When I first picked up the creed I felt it was inferior to the z7 (my favorite mathews bow in the recent past) but the more I shout it I found that there was a smoothness in the creed that I have not felt in a bow in many years. Yes, it had a slight vibration at the end of the shot but not nearly as much as the heli, imo. But the draw and shot cycle were so smooth! I can't really explain it. You would have to experience it.

    The Mission Ballistic. Felt a little heavy to me, which is a big deal if you're gonna be chasing elk up and down mountains at over 10k feet. If you only hunt in the east it's not an issue. Great speed, smooth, shot good. If it had a grip that fit me I would probably call it a great bow but I cant really go that far without shooting it with a different grip.

    HeliM, sharp vibration at the end of the shot. While at full draw you have to keep it against the wall or it will try to pull your arm forward. Not much of a valley. I have several friends that shoot them and they all say the same thing. Not very forgiving, you have to shoot them a LOT to get confident with them but once you do you will fall in love. I'm not interested in shooting it for 3 months just so I can be confident in a bow when I can find one that fits me right out of the box.

    The price for the creed here in western CO (only one dealer inside of 4 hours) is $900.

    All this being said, you really can't decide on what you want by others experience. You have to go and shoot them yourself. And be patient. I would shoot them as much as you can several times before I would buy. All are great bows. I personally think there aren't any better out there.


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    I shot the creed and chill today. To me the helim is a better bow than the creed. The creed hits the limb really hard with not enough cushion on the draw stop. Deer will hear this bow on a quiet day. The chill was the best feeling bow I've ever shot, hands down. Dead in the hand and whisper quiet.
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