What do you aim with?


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    What do you aim with?

    I have some sight problems, most of us do. When I hunt I use contacts. I am far sighted and even large fiber optic pins look like blurs to me without corrective vision and the peep sight effect. When target shooting with a scope, I have to either use a scope and clarifier with glasses or contacts; or no glasses or contact and no clarifier, I can see reasonable well through the scope alone.

    I prefer not to use glasses or clarifiers for the obvious precipitation problems. This however, means that I can not see a fiber optic pin, small dot or thin rings very well. I therefore, us a larger dot stuck to the scope about 1/8" in dia., even though this would appear larger to me than some one with normal vision. I have been using a 5X lens but have recently changed to a 3X and am basically covering the area of the 10 ring with the dot. I would prefer to use a black dot, hate a green dot and like an orange dot for 3D shooting.

    What is you basic setup?
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    Sorry my eyes aren't that bad......YET. They are getting worse though.

    I use a 4X with a clarifier and a red fiber.
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    I use a 0.5 diopter lens located 29.5” from a 1/32 diameter peep that is 1.9” from my eye at full draw. I do not use a clarifier nor do I need one… I do use a 0.019 diameter red fiber in a blade style down pin, and I flare the fiber to 0.040 diameter.

    My eyesight is not what it used to be, and for reading I use a corrective lens, but I prefer to shoot without their use. I concentrate on the target and allow the pint to float in the center. The target is in focus and the pin is blurry.

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