Anyone know how to make a replacement burner for Jon E handwarmer?


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    Anyone know how to make a replacement burner for Jon E handwarmer?

    The Jon E handwarmer company is long out of business. The burner was a kind of fiber like a cotton/nylon inside of a metal mesh that lasted a couple of years, then had to be replaced. My idea is to get a few of the new Zippo burners (they're smaller but easlily available), jam them up into the metal burner cap, then with thin copper wire, loop the wire under and above to keep it in place. Any other ideas? (I have 2 Giant Size handwarmers). Too bad I just don't know what the material is that they used - I would get some in a hardware store and cut it to the size. I hope someone out there has a solution. Thanks in advance.

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    I have a very good solution. Spend the money on some chemical hand warmers. They are odorless, work great, and no messing with a fuel type of handwarmer which has been obsolete for many years.

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    No, wait a sec Skip. I have two really good working Jon E handwarmers, and it's no bother to add the lighter fluid with the plastic cup supplied for 12 hours of heat. I'm just planning ahead for when the burners DO go. I got a Zippo model as well that's current, it's just that I don't want to ever part with these two giant size Jon E's.

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