Brute X or Bow Madness?


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    Brute X or Bow Madness?

    I have really been wanting a Burte X but have noticed the Bow Madness. Has anyone shot them both? The price kinda deters me from the madness, but I really like the looks. Let me know what you think. Also would anyone know what a 2007 PSE Firestorm Lite might bring in for a trade in value, new string and everything that is listed in my sig.

    Thank you for any info you might be able to provide!
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    Ive shot both. Both excellent imo, but like the madness more because its lighter, and balances better in my hands.

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    I've also shot both. I bought the madness 3g, but I don't think you'd be wrong to go with the brute, I shot each just as well as the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ybuck View Post
    Ive shot both. Both excellent imo, but like the madness more because its lighter, and balances better in my hands.
    X2.........You can pick up a good used for a good price in the classifieds....I personally like the BM MP the best The one in my sig is my 3d/back up bow. IMO the BM shoulda been a pro series bow....

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    Bow madness since they came out has been a good series of bows, however the brute is a lot of bow for the money. You will be happy either way that's for sure.

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    I just got my Brute X.
    I've never shot a compound bow before, but I've read great things about the Brute X.
    It does feel heavy though.

    Now the Evo is calling me.

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    I sell PSE's bows are very similar madness is a little lighter little different axle to axle and 1/2" brace height difference. However they have the same FPS and drawlength. $100 difference really can't go wrong with either bow.

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    which one has the smoother draw bowmadness or the brute?????

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    I just picked up the brute x. Draws reel nice, solid back wall, holds great. My only complaint is the strings are junk. Need a good set. Other than that it is a lot of bow for $400.

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    I am having the same issue with choosing which one. I found a deal at Sportsmans Warehouse here in Fairbanks, AK that is selling '12 BM XS for $480 RTS and the '13 Brute X for $500 RTS. Was wondering what everyone's opinions are on these two? I understand the shorter ATA but I get the additional BH in return. First time Shooter.

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    I've never shot a bow before and I did this at 30 yards.
    I'm happy with the Brute X so far. It could be a little lighter though.

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    I shot the Madness XS , 3G , Brute X , and then seen the Drive.....I ordered the PSE Drive in skullworks. It's $499 bare bow with a IBO of 327fps 30.5 Axle to axle and 7.5" brace...
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    The brute x is a great first bow that you can grow with. The bow madness being a single cam bow is smooth on the draw but not very ballanced. The bow of the year to me
    so far is the drive. For the price you get a bow that draws smooth as silk, holds remarkably well and is fast and not real heavy like some other brands are.
    Any of the bows would be a shooter and if you have the chance shoot them all and then make a decision based on the one one that feels the best for you to shoot.
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