For Sale or Trade ? conolon recurve? any idea of value


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    ? conolon recurve? any idea of value

    I recieved this bow in trade. The story i was told it was made in california. I can send pics. any information about this would be helpful. pm works
    Thanks Tom

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    The Conolon Missilite is what I remember and they were a very nice bow. You see one around now and again on ebay or other sites. I have an old one that was more like a hybred longbow than a recurve. It shoots well. I am not sure exactly when they were made but they were an offshoot for a company that made fishing tackle if I remember right. I googled it once and found a fair bit of information but can't remember it all now. Most had a slightly forward handle and they used a woven glass so they don't seem to exhibit stress cracks or problems like that. I bought mine for $75. I would not say they are a collectors bow. There seems to be a few people that like them but not something that will probably ever bring big bucks from a collector.

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