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Thread: show your high country off

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke M View Post
    Hey lazyhubby70 how much extra are those bowjax on the archeryshack strings? I am going to be ordering a set from him and I would like to get them on too!
    They were on the stock strings that came with bow. Just transfered them to new strings. Tell archeryshack you want them. Im sure jeremy can take care of ya....lazy
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    Thank you!
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    The latest additions to my HCA stable...

    IMG_2163 (600x800).jpgIMG_2164 (600x800).jpg
    My 2014 HCA X-treme and 2014 HCA Axis
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    High Country Iron Mace. I am selling it to get a new HC. Anyone looking for a great Iron Mace?

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    black Speed pro x10 revolt....camo speed pro x10

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    here the thread to mine where i had it forsale. so glad i kept it. turned it down to 50s for my tore bicep and put a sts and single pin sight and it is a shooter.
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    Speed Pro in the left,Axis on the right

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    My X10 and the daughter's Outlaw

    Just got into the sport this year. Been shooting 3D during this summer to try to build some skill. It's become a family affair with my son and daughter shooting too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H20fwler View Post

    Do'n it old school, had a safari years ago, shot it for at least 10 years & gave it to my brother in law, cant wear'm out, great bows they were.

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