The New Rytera Alien M40


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    The New Rytera Alien M40

    Who is with me that Martin has really stepped up to the plate and delivered a Home Run with their Rytera Line of bows? I have been fortunate enough to be on the Silver Staff with Martin now for the last few years and I have been very impressed with their products.

    I used to be a die hard Hoyt shooter, but I quickly became a convert after shooting my friend's Martin who has been a staff shooter for a number of years.

    Now , I personally own a Rytera Nemesis, Alien XT and just sent my order form in for the new Alien M40. I am Excited to get it. I am going to compliment it with a Pro V rest from Vapor Trail, Limbsaver Stabilizer, Extreme Raptor Ranger single pin adjustable sight, GoldTip Velocity 400 arrows, TruFire T1 and Switch Blade Broadheads - And of course I will be Shooting the Trufire Hardcore Buckle Foldback Max for the best groupings ever!!

    All I can say, seriously, is that since converting and shooting the Rytera Bows I have increased my confidence and my ability because the bows really feel as if they were made specifically for me. I feel sorry for any of the Deer, Turkey, Antelope or any other critters that come within 70 yrds of me now. before I was only confident enough to shoot out to 40 yrds.

    I have a short draw length and had problems dialing in the other bows I had top get the Kenetic energy and the speed up to where I felt confident that I could make ethical shots in the field. I have not once had a problem after switching to the Rytera Line from Martin.

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    i'm with you....
    shot the new rocked!
    very impressed!!!!!!

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    I haven't shot the new 2013 Martins or Rytera bows but I have an idea of what you're experiencing with the performance of these bows. My 08 Firecat has the 1st generation of cams (C.A.T. Hybrid Duo) that are now evolved into the Nitro/Hybrix cams. These cams, and the overall design and performance of my Firecat, have kept me satisfied since I bought is new in Sep 09. These cams are so smooth and tunable and powerful that I haven't found any other bow, with the possible exception of the BowTech Invasion, that I've been even remotely tempted to buy and use instead. But when I thought about the hundreds of dollars it would cost for the miniscule difference possibly gained with the Invasion I decided to stick with my Firecat and I'm glad I did. I've made a few mods, such as Loesch grips that I like very much, as well a a custom dual STS, custom torque reducing cable guard rod and custom quiver mount that have made it even more enjoyable to shoot - very quiet, accurate and well balanced. I'd bet the longer you shoot your Rytera the more you'll enjoy it as I have my Firecat.

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    I just got a '13 Nemesis 35 in the shop. I really like it. I've shot a few martins in the last couple years, I really didn't care for them all that much. They shot great, but they always seemed noisy from the factory. I shot the Onza 3 last year for a few weeks, waiting for a customer to pick it up, it was a nice bow, but I didn't care for it at all. Since I got the Nemesis 35 in, I've barely got to shoot it, my dad has taken it over and shoots it several times a day. He was a hardcore Hoyt guy until this year, now he's all Martin. I don't think I'll even get to sell this one, he's convinced that its his now. I've shot Hoyt and PSE for the last 3 years, I may even switch this year.

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    Yeah I had heard the Martins were considered loud for a number of years. I was lucky enough to make it onto prostaff the first year the Rytera line came out. I have not had a problem with them being loud at all.

    I am glad to hear your dad likes the Nemesis! It is a great shooter and is comfortable. I have a short draw length and I really enjoy how fast it is and how forgiving it is at the same time.

    If you guys have any photos of any modifications you have made to the bow, I would love to see how you decked them out!

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