Cabela's Employee Pricing Sale


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    Cabela's Employee Pricing Sale

    So what kind of a discount is this? depending on what it is it may or maynot justify the drive to Dundee while I am on Christmas Vacation.

    any info is appriciated,

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    probably 10% ??

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    10 to 25 is what I was told yesterday when I was there. Higher off on Cabelas brand.
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    Yeah it depends on the product and brand. Most is 10%-20%. It doesn't count on sale items though.
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    thats what was nice about BPS, even if it was on sale or clearance they still gave 40% of any of their brands. When i worked there PT few years ago every paycheck went to buying something LOL so i was in the red with gas money HAHA oh well, got 3 guns for $1050 one transaction. 17hmr rem223 varmint and a 300 weatherby mag
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    I always check with a cashier/register with each item to see what the % off is before any purchase.

    Hunting clothes (especially Cabelas labeled) are sometimes 30% or more since they have such a high markup.
    Other items are closer to 15 - 25% from what I recall.
    Like stated above, some sale/clearance priced items may be better with that discount than applying the employee pricing from msrp.

    I like how they do this at the same time each year.
    Normally, I have a few gift cards to use post Christmas.
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    As they said, it varies greatly depending on the product with the Cabelas brand being the biggest discount. I bought several things last year including an 8,000 rpm Cabelas arrow saw last year for $40 less than the normal price, a G5 ASD for about $5 off and a cabelas brand women's coat where the sale price was better than the discount.

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