I'm New to Archery, New to AT, and New to PSE. Total Newbie

So sorry If this posting is in the wrong place but here goes.

I have recently acquired an Older PSE Fire Flite Sport Series Bow with offset round cams(which I believe to be the original vector cams that came on it). I took it to Cabelas and had it checked out and tuned to fit me, 60lb, 29inch, 65% let off. After Reading several posts I am concerned that it might be to much bow for me, but didn't have any problem drawing it back the few times i've tried.

OK to my questions:

How do I know if 60lb DW is right for me?
Is this a good bow/setup?
Can I upgrade the cams(newer/better) or do I need too?
When I look through the peep it feels like I'm looking through a cavern(seems huge to me) how can it be accurate?

Thanks for Reading