Looking for Indiana 5 spot leagues to join Help?


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    Looking for Indiana 5 spot leagues to join Help?

    I live in the Indianapolis area and the shop I normally shoot at is having theirs on weds night and I have class. I'm looking for a league around 30 mins away from Indianapolis or less hoping someone can help?
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    I think they're running Thursday night league at the outdoorsman in greenwood and tues night at pine hill archery club in Danville.. I think both those will fit your criteria??........

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    Looking for Indiana 5 spot leagues to join Help?

    Bowman78 is both a legend and correct on both of these locations and the days they are shooting league. I know Pine Hill starts at 6:30 and believe the Outdoorsman is 6 or 6:30.

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    Outdoorsman is 6:30 on Thursdays. We are going to start there when I am off on Thursdays!
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